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Patch 1.1.1 (added July 2, 2018)
A final round of fixes and tweaks before the next content patch. Thanks for everyone to shout out to Azure Fang (again)!
For more than 10 minutes, it is necessary to ensure that it is not a problem.
Hacking Changes
Unless the node is the network core. Enemy strength remains unchanged.
At all levels, have a chance to be undefended.
Data nodes can be used to multiply the utilities, programs, and dataloot.
Hacking fixes
Imp core glow is now red like other Corruption enemies.
Disrupt your cooldowns now.
Fixed enemies being able to gain from the buff.
There is a risk for the search engine again.
Having a full backpack in meatspace will no longer prevent you from auto-looting while hacking.
Tazer debuff now has a visual & audio effect.
Alarm me? Alert?
Consume is no longer a target.
It is no longer possible to use your meatspace inventory inventory items when hacking. Nice try with those grenades though Starcrawlers [x86, amd64] [ENG] [Unity3D] [GOG] []  ::
Base Game Fixes
Fixed issue with fast combat animations halting the Final Boss fight.
Fixed typos in faction contact events using outdated markup tags.
Patch 1.1h2 (added 22 juin 2018)
Fixed event error when entering Hackshop for the 1st time
Fixed hacking booster items being monkeybears
Hack a chat
Datanodes now
Placements outside navigation area
Fixed Stillsuit upgrades being lost on load
If you’re still a hacker
Tweaks to hacking mob health and damage output
Patch 1.1 (added 19 June 2018)
The Hotwire Update is live and its FREE. Originally intended as a DLC, we’ve been reworked and updated for all players. Heres whats inside:
Hacking is a fully developed system that works alongside the base game.
Datajacks will be spawned on randomized missions.
Using your Deck
The Hackshop in STIX programs and Utilities.
There are no limits on the type and frequency of the hackers.
There are no rules for this.
Security doors, alert levels, contain loot data, and more. Hack your way to the megacorps.
Patch 1.0.4 (added 19 June 2018)
Tip jar
It is a good idea to keep track of what’s up and down. Please consider your support with a $ 1 tip!
You can’t really want to give you any information.
Click here to hide the tip.
There are no comments regarding the final mission (in spite of the fact).
Prototype can be rehired from the STIX bar possibly. If it feels like it.
Shows the target animations when the stacks are greater than 3.
If you’re playing on Linux, you’re not allowed to make it.
If you encounter any problems, I can support as much as possible.
Unity has not patched it. Investigation continues!
Other notes
Fixed additional elusive typos.
Minor bug fixes and QOL improvements.
It can be a question.

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