Dead Effect 2

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Dead Effect 2
Dead Effect 2 is the newest addition to the acclaimed Dead Effect franchise. This action sci-fi shooter is looking to push the boundaries of first-person shooters to new levels with slick graphics, rich narrative and RPG elements.

Year: 2016
Version: 160226.0959
Game genre: RPG, FPS
Language: Russian, English

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Play the single-player missions at your own pace or engage your friends in the cooperative or PvP multiplayer mode. Train, develop your character, collect and upgrade countless weapons, gear and body implants and take control of the monster-infested ship.
Your hero adapts, grows and gets better as you play. Help them along the way by choosing the best gear!
-get 100+ upgradable weapons of all kinds – pistols, shotguns, plasma guns, bows, swords... you name it
-collect 300+ gear items and implants
-collect dozens of gear sets, from Regular to Mythical
-put together a complete gear set to gain special abilities
-equip your hero with a selection of 30+ special abilities, from bullet time to force field
-try high-tech body implants to increase your character’s performance
A colonist ship is full of diverse environments, from maintenance rooms to oxygen gardens. And full of dark corners, too!
-enjoy the stunning environments with moody graphics
-explore the whole ship during the main story campaign
-return to complete various basic tasks in generic missions
-stand up to the challenge in special missions – Biohazard, Survive, Lone Wolf, Infestation modes
You know you are not alone on this ship. There are friends, and there are foes. Sadly, the friends are outnumbered.
-test your strength against zombies, soldiers, cyborgs, mutant, cannibals, mechanical dogs, drones...
-get engaged in several unique boss fights
-complete special missions with various enemy types to gain experience
You can face the enemy alone, but you won’t last long. Call your friends to action and together take up arms against the enemy!
-play together in the cooperative multiplayer mode – you can play the story campaign and all special missions
- challenge your friends to a life-and-death battle in the player vs. player multiplayer mode
-conquer the elaborate system of achievements – collect all 170 of them!
-get social - share your results and leaderboard position on social media channels
  • Dead Effect 2
  • Dead Effect 2
  • Dead Effect 2
  • Dead Effect 2

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6.18 GB
File Count:
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/Dead.Effect.2 - ArtBook.pdf113.32 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/Dead.Effect.2 - ESS Spaceship Map.pdf7.15 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/01 - Main Title (Abyss).mp33.07 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/02 - Cerberus.mp33.91 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/03 - Torch Bearer.mp31.04 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/04 - Dead Space HUB.mp33.5 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/05 - Still Life.mp31.65 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/06 - Jailbreak.mp33.44 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/07 - The Nihilist.mp36.71 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/08 - Sea of Blood.mp32.7 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/09 - Mesmerized.mp32.5 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/10 - Blood Red Inferno.mp37.53 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/11 - Bleak March.mp36.64 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/12 - Spectral.mp32.82 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/13 - Clear the Fog.mp33.92 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/14 - Justified.mp32.4 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/15 - Frostbitten.mp32.31 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/16 - Malevolent.mp31.26 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/17 - The Bitter End.mp35.19 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/18 - Blind With Rage.mp32.14 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/19 - The Puppet Master.mp34.5 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/20 - The Night Pact.mp34.86 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/21 - The Whisperer.mp34.04 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/22 - Beyond Saving.mp36.1 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/23 - Soldier X.mp31.65 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/24 - Dance of Betrayal.mp33.2 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/25 - Kill For Me.mp35.36 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/26 - Gentle Cruelty.mp33.05 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/27 - All Hope Lost.mp33.66 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/28 - Wake Up Into The Nightmare.mp33.09 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/29 - Mortal Coil.mp32.75 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/30 - This is War.mp33.82 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/31 - The Beast.mp32.2 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/32 - Helpless.mp33.37 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/33 - Envoy of Doom.mp34.1 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/34 - Echo In The Blood.mp33.82 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/35 - Fool’s Errand.mp37.73 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/36 - Behind The Curtain.mp31.98 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/37 - Silent Ceremony.mp31.46 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/38 - Power of the Weak.mp32.88 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/39 - The Winged Legion.mp33.38 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/40 - Prelude To The Fall.mp31.46 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/41 - The Hounds of Night.mp31.81 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/42 - Angel of Revenge.mp32.29 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/43 - Panic Attack.mp33.08 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/44 - Last Man Standing.mp33.74 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/45 - Outnumbered.mp33.66 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/46 - Godless.mp32.5 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/47 - Suffocation.mp33.2 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/48 - Bloody Halo.mp32.59 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/49 - Into The Eternity.mp33.66 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/50 - Tormentor.mp32.25 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/51 - System Shock remaster.mp32.63 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/52 - System Shock (bonus track).mp31000.67 KB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/53 - Mastermind (bonus track).mp32.01 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/54 - The Source (bonus track).mp31.22 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/55 - Xenomorph (bonus track).mp31.22 MB
  • DeadEffect2/Bonus/OST/cover.jpg3.18 MB
  • DeadEffect2/DeadEffect2.tar.gz5.89 GB

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