The Talos Principle + 3 DLC - great puzzle game from Croteam

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The Talos Principle + 3 DLC - great puzzle game from Croteam
Great game, if the genre of puzzles from the first person you like and replay both Portal for the fiftieth time already tired.

Year: 2014
Version: 293384 (2017-03-01)
Game genre: puzzle, action, FP
Language: English, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian (Portuguese), Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)

Last update: 21-03-2017, 05:17

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The Talos Principle is a philosophical puzzle game with a first person view from the Studio Croteam, the creators of the legendary Serious Sam series, co-written with Tom Robertom (FTL, The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzis (The Sea Will Claim Everything).
As if awakened from a deep sleep, you find yourself in a strange, strange world full of ancient ruins and sophisticated machinery. By the will of its Creator, you have to solve several difficult puzzles and to choose whether to rely on faith or to ask themselves difficult questions: Who are you? What is your purpose? And that on this basis are you going to do?

Game features

  • Overcome more than 120 puzzles in unusual and beautiful world.
  • Distract the drones, control laser beams and even manipulate time to prove your worth or to find a way out.
  • Immerse yourself in the history of humanity, technology, and civilization. Looking for clues, build theory, and define your own conclusions.
  • Carve your own path in the nonlinear world of the game, in its own way solving puzzles.
  • But remember: elections have consequences, and someone is always watching you.


From myself I will say that playing this game has received as the truth of pleasure, I went through all the basic puzzles, began to undergo additional tests. In this game there are many additional points that are intriguing and want at all costs to get to the truth. Who am I, who is my Creator? what is all this?

You can buy the game on Steam, trust me, this game is worth the money!
Good game!!!

  • The Talos Principle + 3 DLC - great puzzle game from Croteam
  • The Talos Principle + 3 DLC - great puzzle game from Croteam
  • The Talos Principle + 3 DLC - great puzzle game from Croteam
  • The Talos Principle + 3 DLC - great puzzle game from Croteam

We need Your help! Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

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7.45 GB
File Count:
  • The Talos Principle/activated.ini.dist1.51 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/InstallLibsLinux.sh3.5 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/libopenvr_api.so206.44 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/libsteam_api.so746.14 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/Talos33.93 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/Talos_Unrestricted33.92 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/x64/InstallLibsLinux.sh3.5 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/x64/libopenvr_api.so204.76 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/x64/libsteam_api.so727.27 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/x64/Talos35.79 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Bin/x64/Talos_Unrestricted35.78 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/CachedShaders_PC_Talos.gro67.32 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/All_01.gro1.49 GB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/All_02.gro1.65 GB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/All_03.gro1.53 GB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/All_244371.gro1.3 GB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/All_246379.gro113.83 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/All_293384.gro97.68 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/AutoDetect.lua15.23 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/autoexec.cfg175 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/CheckDriver.lua2.02 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/CPU-QL1.cfg300 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/CPU-QL2.cfg300 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/CPU-QL3.cfg297 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/CPU-QL4.cfg303 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/CPU-QL5.cfg304 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/GetGPUSpecs.lua70.89 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/GPU-QL1.cfg1.74 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/GPU-QL2.cfg1.75 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/GPU-QL3.cfg1.74 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/GPU-QL4.cfg1.75 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/GPU-QL5.cfg1.75 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/SafeMode.cfg4.13 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/SystemCompatibility.lua9.69 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/TEX-QL1.cfg218 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/TEX-QL2.cfg219 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/TEX-QL3.cfg221 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/TEX-QL4.cfg221 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Config/TEX-QL5.cfg221 B
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_01_Road_To_Gehenna.dat273.46 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_01_Road_To_Gehenna.gro671.56 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_01_Road_To_Gehenna_246379.gro154.87 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_01_Road_To_Gehenna_293384.gro34.02 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_Prototype.dat59.37 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_Prototype.gro182.14 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_Prototype_250756.gro37.97 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_Serious_Sam.dat17.41 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_Serious_Sam.gro47.87 MB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/DLC_Serious_Sam_293384.gro2.38 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/Scripts/RunAutomatedBenchmark.lua1.81 KB
  • The Talos Principle/Content/Talos/SignatureCatalog.dat2.16 MB
  • The Talos Principle/start.sh508 B

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